Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tutorial: How to transform a Sofa with paint!

Tutorial: How to transform a Sofa with paint!
Last November I was prepping for my Holiday Mini Sessions, my husband built me a Mantle, (I know, he's amazing!) I decorated a Gorgeous tree, made stockings and pillows for my Settee. The only Problem... I didn't have a settee! My search began at local thrift stores and no luck. Then one afternoon I found the perfect "Fixer Upper" on Craigslist. $35.00 and this was mine! 

I know what you're thinking... Ugly! But it had just what I was looking for! Seating for 2-3 people, a low price and a cute shape. I was perfect and after a few days work it was even more so! Looking back I never throught anyone would be interested in a tutorial on this project so I only have cell phone pictures but they do the trick! :)

So to get started you'll need:
1. A chair/settee/bench with fabric
2. Paint of your choice
3. Fabric Medium
4. Water
5. A spray bottle
6. Paint brushes
7. Decorative tacks (Optional)
8. Patience!
(This project takes 3-4 days)

First I'll talk about paint. I knew I wanted a neutral tone to accommodate more sessions. I used sample size paint from Home Depot. It's only 2.96 per container. For this Settee I purchased two. You could also use Acrylic Paint found in the craft department. 

You'll also need Fabric Medium, this helps the paint adhere to the fabric and allows it to remain flexible.  I purchased this from Hobby Lobby. It comes in a 2 ounce bottle for under $2.00. And I used a 40% off coupon. (If you don't have their App- Download it today! I Love HB!)
There are definitely larger sizes of Fabric Medium which I found online, but who wants to wait to start a project?! It was calling my name so I started right away! I purchased 4 small bottles and got to work. 

The first thing I did to the Settee once I got it home was remove the skirt and clean it thoroughly, You'll want to make sure there's no dust or dirt as you'll see it in the paint. 

Next I added my first layer of "Paint." To do so there's a few steps. First, using an old bowl or bucket you'll need to mix a 1:1:1 paint mixture. This means equal parts paint, water and fabric medium. I used an old 1/4 cup measuring cup for this part. The second step is wetting the fabric down. To get a even coat of paint, use your spray bottle to evenly wet the fabric. You'll want it damp but not dripping. Then using a paint brush start applying the mixture, make sure to watch for dripping! A roll of paper towels might be a good idea for this too!

After this coat you'll need to let your project dry completely before applying a second coat. I waited about 24 hours. I know it's hard waiting but this step does need to be followed, a second coat right away would do nothing. Below is my Settee with the first coat and the skirt removed.
(Please excuse the mess... Creativity is not a clean process!) 

The next day I made more of the same mixture except this time I didn't add as much water. I thought it was too runny for the fabric on my settee. I would start off with the 1:1:1 ratio and see how it works for you. For the second coat I used a 1:1:1/2 ratio. 1 Part paint, 1 part fabric medium and 1/2 the water. I think this covered much better. Although even after two coats it definitely needed a third... and a fourth. As it was drying I tested a few tacks. 

Onto Day Three! Almost there! The paint is starting to cover all of the floral print, one more coat and it will be finished! 

Four coats and four days later my project has come together! I could have used the settee as is at this stage but I love a little something extra to stand out and decorative tacks did just the trick! 

To add a little extra I added these tacks from Hobby Lobby ($1.99). I needed two boxes and a hammer! 

I didn't really have any idea how to add these! I just added them every inch or so around the arms. I'm sure there are great tutorials on how to do this step but I was so excited to finish my project that I just winged it! It didn't turn out too shabby!

Here are a few photos of the Settee in action! 

I'm sure after reading this tutorial you wonder how the settee feels. It feels similar to a faux leather which means it also cleans easily! After 25 Holiday Mini Sessions there were many cookie crumbs scattered and frosting wiped and it all came off easily! And because of the fabric medium the paint does not come off which is something I worried about. Overall this was a super easy project with Amazing results. I'm always looking for furniture to re-purpose or redo and can't wait to try this method again.  Are you thinking about trying this method to re-purpose and transform a piece of furniture? I would love to see your Before and Afters! If you would like to be featured here send them to:

Thank you for joining me in this DIY Journey,  I can't wait to do it again!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Little Backdrop DIY...

A few weeks ago I saw the cutest tutorial on how to create a backdrop out of  scrapbook paper. I immediately went to our local craft store, purchased 20 pieces of scrapbook paper that I thought matched and got home to start my project. When I was finished I liked the look although the paper backdrop was huge, and it was taped to my wall, which could create a problem down the road. After this, my mission was to create a smaller version. It was a HUGE success and wanted to share the results! 

When I created my first backdrop I picked papers I thought looked well together. It wasn't terrible but after the project was completed I decided to go with a scrap booking kit. (These are papers sold in bundles.) This worked great, the squares were already cut down to 6x6 and I was guaranteed they would match! I recommend checking online for coupons and sales. I went to Hobby Lobby for my supplies. The Scrapbooking papers were 50% off and the foam board was 30% off! 

The supplies you'll need to make your backdrop at home are: 

1- 36 count 6x6 scrapbook paper kit
(You'll need a few more pieces for the size of foam board)
3- 12x12 pieces cardstock (To cut down)
1 - Large foam board 
1 - Paint brush
1- Container Mod podge

Are you out of mod podge? No worries! I always make my own! It's easy and cost effective. Just add two parts white school glue to one part water. Store in a clean jar and make sure the lid is clean before storing... don't ask why I am telling you this!  

And here are the directions:

I chose the largest foam board Hobby Lobby had in stock. It was 40 inches by 32 inches. To cover it I needed to purchase three additional sheets of scrap booking paper in like colors and designs. I then cut them into 6x6 inch squares. Next I 
laid my board on a flat surface and arranged my squares in a design. 

Get the glue mixture ready! 

Make sure you use very little glue, to the point where your board is almost dry. If you use too much your paper will pucker. It's also a good idea to use scrapbooking cardstock instead of scrapbooking paper as the paper is very thin and will bubble if there is any sign of excessive glue. 

Make sure to rub over all surface area and push corners down! 

Next let your board dry. I purchased enough paper to make a backdrop on both the front and the back of the foam board. 

And Viola!

How cute is that?! 
Want to see something even sweeter? 
Just scroll down! 
My sweet 15 months old Klaire did a little modeling after her Nap. :) 

Total Cost: $7.00
Good Luck creating your own backdrop! At $7.00 per backdrop it's definitely worth a try! 


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Friday, September 6, 2013

I have two open casting calls at the moment. If you are interested please email me at:
The cut off date for applications is September 9, 2013. 

Are you a Nursing Mama? I'm preparing for a Nursing Mama's Mini Session Date. In doing so I'm looking for 1-2 Mama's that are willing to model for promotional use. You would be given a 20 minute mini session as well as five digital images from your session. The photos will be in-studio and focus on your baby and the love that takes part while breast feeding, Mama's and Babies of all ages are welcome to apply!

To take part you must:
1. Be willing to sign a contract to give rights to the photographer to use for promotional items.
2. Be able to come to my in-home studio in Converse, TX.
3. Must come in with a presentable appearance, these images are for promotional use.
4. Keep appearance in mind, wear a clothing item like a dress in which one side can come down or a nursing tank but keep it stylish.

You'll Receive:
1. A 20 minute mini session
2. 5 Digital Images

3. Print Release

If you are interested please email! 

Are you interested in a Boudoir Session for the special man in your life? Christmas is just around the corner! Christina Frost Photography will soon be having Boudoir Parties! But in order to do so I need to update my Women's Division Portfolio and am looking for 1-2 women to help me do so. This is not pin up photography, it's more women's glamour.  You will not see your face in the photos being used for promotional use, if it is in the photo it's blurred using Bokeh, a photography technique. Women of all sizes and ages (above 18) are welcome to apply for this casting call! 

To take part you must:
1. Be willing to sign a contract to give rights to the photographer to use for promotional items.
2. Be able to come to my in-home studio in Converse, TX.
3. Must come in with a presentable appearance, these images are for promotional use, (i.e. Hair and make up done to fit the needs of the photos as well as pre-approval of wardrobe.)

You'll Receive:
1. A 20 minute mini session
2. 5 Digital Images

3. Print Release